Being hit on at work

Being a student worker on campus is very convenient and I enjoy it quite a bit. What I do not enjoy is once I am done with work and when my boss is gone for an hour and a half, one of the students who is a member of our program starts hitting on me. At first, it seemed just a friendly conversation, but once we are talking about subjects and you suddenly mention: “I like girls that are like [insert everything I just spoke to you about]” that starts raising flags. Also, I understand that I am wearing shorts, I know that it allows people to look at my legs but if you are sitting in a chair where you can see my legs and I constantly see your eyes looking from my face and then to my body/legs. I will get uncomfortable. I will no longer want to talk to you. I will find every reason to leave my work desk because suddenly everyone in the office will need my help. I thought it was hilarious that when this person started telling me that he would never go camping and that he does not like hunting, then saw my face which gave him a disapproving look, he then changed it to, “well I do not mean never, I just haven’t found reasons to go.” How do you tell a person, kindly, that he needs to stop his flirting? Or that I may be misjudging our conversation…But still stop.

No thank you, I am not interested. I am very happy in my relationship.

But man, do I love my co-workers. One of my fellow females of the office, came into the room, saw my distress (more assumed the torture I must have been going through for the last 20-30 minutes) and said: “Hey Miranda! How are you? Oh, and how is your boyfriend Adam? [Insert everything I have ever mentioned about him recently to her]” The guy then decided he had talked my ear off enough and said his goodbyes. Thank you my dear friend, I knew I can count on you.

I collapsed on my desk after the whole damn event.

That is enough excitement for me today.
I get off work in a little more than thirty minutes then I can go to the grocery store, then to my apartment and fucking pass out until American Horror Story comes on tonight.
Welcome to the Freakshow everyone!


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