College is not ‘social time’

To me college is not social time. Middle school, high school — those were my time to be social.
You go to class and you sit there…quiet and do not talk to anyone?

Yes, why is that hard to believe? I, first of all, do not make the effort to make new friends. I do not want new friends. I do not have time to fuck around/go out and party to “have fun”, that is not fun to me. The girls in most of my classes are either not friendly, or are like me, happy with what they already have. The guys in college are not guys I want to be around. I do not want to be flirted with just because some guy thinks he has a chance to either be with me or get into my pants, neither are going to happen buddy–you can now scoot back to the other seat. I am at college to get my diploma and to get out. I am in an organization, which I also work at, and I have plenty of acquaintances/friends there. Personally, I think that’s all I need -socially at college. I am not a social butterfly and this is not my social time.

I partied it up my freshman year of college. My first semester: I would get out of my last class at 9:20pm, I’d walk back to my dorm at the time, change and Jon would pick me up and I would be out until 3:00am the next morning. I’d drink, I’d get tipsy, I would make questionable decisions. My second semester: I would do the same but I was single on and off most of the time and my decisions were even more questionable. I did not care about a lot of things. I was in college, I was “free”, I could do whatever I want…. so I did.

I can still, in a way, do what I want. I could still go out and party, but I do not have the need to. I could go and make a ton of friends, but I…once again, do not need to. I do not feel like I am missing anything in life because of my close-knit friends.


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3 Responses to College is not ‘social time’

  1. All understandable but remember being social and partying are not exclusive ideas. You can have one without the other! Hope you’re still having some fun even while earning that diploma! I applaud the ambition!

    • maybemiranda says:

      I’m social but my boyfriend is appalled that I do not talk to people in my classes. I have ton of people that I work with and see on MWF that I am friends with but I don’t know, I don’t have the urge to be friends with everyone in my classes because I’d be that person who would never pay attention in class ever again if I did. And at my college, being social = parties. I ain’t about that life lol

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