I like my friendships

I am in the middle of my Sociology class and I text my friend Anna.
“So ima be a basic bitch right now. You wanna get Starbucks after I get out of class? I’ll pay.”
Her response: “Lol OMG if you want. I mean, white girl can’t even.”
This is what we say and do.

Also, I have been arguing/fighting/yelling at my best friend/sister Nikki for the past few days over Daryl and Carol in The Walking Dead. I have a love for Beth and had slight hope that Daryl and her would be a thing. Well, Nikki is stuck on Carol and Daryl, which is more reasonable BUT I have hopes. I saw The Walking Dead’s most recent episode included Daryl holding Carol in a strong embrace and I am pretty sure crying because he thought she was dead. I received a gloating text from Nikki.


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