The good days

Man, do I love my boyfriend. This morning I was thinking about all the times Adam and I spent together in my apartment last year, which doesn’t help with the typically fact that I miss him. I really enjoy my relationship with him. We are horribly silly, we do get into fights but somehow we always manage to fix it.
Last night I was on the phone with him and we were being horribly playful. I loved it.
ALSO yesterday, Adam got the care package I sent him šŸ˜€

So, being the dork that I am, I sent him:

  • A plastic ski mask, candies that are wrapped in foil to look like eyes (with a post-it saying “I only have eyes for you”, and a small glow in the dark ax just for fun. Mainly because he will be in the field for Halloween which sucks.
  • I sent him a ring pop and joking put on a post-it “Marry Me?”
  • Blue playdoh — his favorite color and playdoh is something fun.
  • The book I was reading for philosophy (since he apparently wanted to read it).
  • Little paper stars that I made (and I had on one of the flaps of the box a Coldplay lyric: “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”).
  • A Reeses Pumpkin, a candy bar he has been looking for, and gummy bears.
  • A Koozie that says “Boo” -because he is my ‘boo’
  • Takis because they apparently don’t have those where he is at.
  • Then three different shirts I think he would like plus a dri-fit exercise shirt that I did not look up the photo for.

A Texas State shirt so he could represent his girlfriend ^-^ (and the dri-fit shirt is another TXST shirt).

A funny Texas shirt to represent home šŸ˜€

And since he is a weirdo and mentioned to me a while back that he wanted a taco shirt, this was the best thing I could find.
Besides all that fun stuff, I am not sure if I sent him anything else besides some photos and letters for him.
I also had zombie caution tape on the inside of the box and some corny little sayings, etc.


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