Talk about weird

A week ago or so I sent Adam a plethora of random photos just to make him laugh, etc.

These are only a few. Oh and note how shitty my phone is, I half ass love it.


His decided to do the same back last night ^-^
I think I love/hate the last one because he looks like he is making a bad attempt at being Stitch, which I am glad he failed at.

He will eventually get around to kicking my butt for this, but I can’t help how cute I think he is lol. Oh man do I love our relationship, we’re just a tad bit weird.

OH….. my friend Anna did some Halloween make-up on me last night to help me figure out what I want to be for Halloween and I think we figured it out!

I might just be a creepy doll.
I was so enthused when I told Adam and he reminded me how much he hates dolls.
I sent him this photo to try and freak him out or something.
This guy freaking responds back, “Oh I actually like that.” Well dammit that was not how I wanted this to go. Dude, you’re not following my script in my head whatsoever.
He was supposed to suggest maybe something else not creepy and then I would respond, “I do what I want.” cue evil laugh.

Now I just have to find an outfit… aka, I am screwed -.-‘


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