weird love

Alright, I gotta admit, this is probably the healthiest relationship I have ever been in, and it is the weirdest and most dysfunctional.

I want everyone who has been in horrible relationships for their entire existence to look at their close friends, the ones that they have had for years, now think — alright, I liked you at this time, and I like you now, so I am going to wing it and tell you all my feelings. If this has worked out the way it should, date this person. They already know how fucking weird you are, they still like you even though you are a fucking lunatic and have randomly outbursts of every emotion known to man aheeemmm, and women. Now I want you to fall ridiculously and sickeningly head over heels for them. You’re independence will still be there, BUT you will have no idea where you hid it. You might completely become this other type of weird person that you did not even know you had stashed inside of your awkward vessel that you call a body. AND YOU WILL STILL BE THE WEIRDEST PERSON ON THIS PLANET, but your significant other will somehow even this out or be just as weird, making y’all freaking perfect for each other.

I do not get it. I do not understand this spell I am under, but overall, I like it.

I like my not-so-proper relationship, I like how we do weird things that I will not list on my blog and if anyone has a problem with it. Well, you don’t matter.


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