Alright, this might sound weird but I have now developed a pocket envy.
Screw all you men who get to have jeans with actual pockets. Alert, alert!: feminist thoughts.
Why must I suffer because I am a female? Women have stuff to put in our pockets too. My inch of a fucking pocket OR LESS is not going to get me through the day if I have a bunch of change, a phone, and god forbid I use a wallet that could fit in my front pants pocket. Mind you, I have used a “man’s” wallet, put it in my back pocket and gone on with my day. But then there is the possible fuckery that I might not even have a back pocket. Excuse me, the persons who create these jeans….. WHAT THE HELL TYPE OF PANTS DO YOU USE? Why does my friend R get to have a freakin five or six inch depth pocket and mine are non-existent. I would consider buying men’s pants but:

  1. Baggy is not my style.
  2. I am too fucking short and will not be getting mine all altered and fixed up and I do not want to shop in the little boys section.
  3. Generally you can tell the difference between men and women jeans — I like tight fitting jeans, bedazzled jeans on occasion.

AND WHEN I AM A COLD, there is an time where I would like to be able to shove my hands into my pockets but I caaaaaan’t, why? Because jeans companies like to make women suffer. Yet shorts this year had pockets that were longer than the damn shorts for women…..I do not understand the logic. Maybe I am not girly enough for this world. I do not seriously have this thought process that the jean companies are out to get women, I am just ranting, do not get all fussy about my choice of words, I am just having fun blogging.

Best thing is when I want sweatpants, I just automatically go to the guy’s section, I like pockets and the women’s rarely have sweatpants with pockets.

Poor R though, he is such a tall/large man that even if he wanted pink sweatpants that had “JUICY” bedazzled on the ass, he would have to get them custom made. I have my pocket envy and R has his pink, bedazzled ass envy. What a sad world we live in.

But forreal though, has anyone ever noticed that women’s pockets are tiny/non-existent compared to men? The hell is that all about?


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