My grandfather passed away today at 12:09pm. As upsetting as it is, I am glad he is no longer suffering. I know he is watching over my mother and I, he’s our guardian angel.
IMG_20141029_120022 - Edited

I think I am more upset with how my roommate was once I told her. She had a family member pass away last year and I was there for her when no one was, I told her I was sorry about it all, let her cry to me, etc. Yet when I told her about my grandfather passing, she just looked at me. No sympathy whatsoever. Thanks. When I told her I had just finished crying and was not about to cry anymore at that moment. Nothing was said when I would randomly start crying yesterday (I was thinking a lot). I still cannot believe I will never actually see my grandpa again.  This year has just been bleh.

And I am starting to see more and more who cares and who is there for me.


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