In my Sociology class we are and have been going over stereotypes and I just wanted to post this.
In my class we had the other sex stereotype the other, then that sex is able to add on to what the other sex already posted. Altogether this is how we stereotypes each other and ourselves.

Women: emotional, indecisive, caring, spend too much money, clean, can’t drive, over reactive, whiny, nurturing, sensitive, defensive, curvy, cook, passive, make-up, pretty, slim, wordy, talkative, gossip, bitchy.

Men: messy, pigs, hairy, egotistical, tall, manly, muscular, confident, controlling, unemotional, impatient, intelligent, handy, good drivers, breadwinner, outspoken, strong, can’t cook, like sports and beer, leaders, hate to shop.


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