Tomorrow, I plan on buying Adam an anniversary gift even though our anniversary is not until December 11th and I won’t even see him until the 22nd 23rd, if nothing changes. I’m excited. I hope I can find what it is that I want to buy him. He better like it too! Or so I hope. 

And Christmas shopping for this boy! Man is it hard to figure out what to get him. Being his friend in school was one thing, I do not think I ever got him any sorts of presents so now as his girlfriend, this shit is hard. And when I ask him what he wants, I get told a list of things but half of the things he wants I don’t even get paid that much with like two or three paychecks. Working on campus, getting minimum wage, and working less than 15 hours a week. Just kill me now. I need to get a real job. 


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