Ranting like a Muthafu-

I don’t see why people feel the need to voice their opinions about my relationship or to try to steer me away from it. Why the fuck would I consider a conversation with anyone who is either flirting or saying things I do not want to hear (flirting being one of those things). I do not care about the people I dated in the past, the past is the damn past for a reason, they are an ex for a reason. I despise people who fucking spout lies, bringing up a past that was not even real. One that I can vouch for, the other Adam can vouch.  I do not care about how taken back you were once Adam and I started dating because “you didn’t see it coming” or that apparently [person spats bullshit here] and “Bam! Y’all were dating.” I am sorry  Scratch that. I am not sorry.

My relationship:
-is no one else’s business besides the stuff Adam and I willingly show to the world.
should not even matter to most people because they are not really in my or his damn life anyway.
-is not an opportunity for you to tell me that beforehand there were times that… [insert more bullshit here]
-Oh….and another thing, my relationship… is My relationship. Holy smokes Batman, who woulda thought?!

I just despise people. I did not ask for your opinion. Not once did I say, Hey what do you think about me and Adam? I have been dating him for almost a year now and suddenly every one wants to either get on my imaginary dick or tell me their damn opinions. Well… Fuck you, I did not fucking ask. I am happy dammit.

Why do people always have to say something? Why does it always feel like that once I am happy someone has to open their mouth and try to ruin things for me? And since when have I ever gone to certain people, for advice about relationship? I SURE AS HELL WOULD NEVER ASK THESE PEOPLE FOR ADVICE ABOUT ANYTHING.

Sigh, people just amaze me. They can be out of my life for years, yet they think they can come and go and suddenly what they have to say to me is supposed to “matter”. No, that isn’t how it works. There is a reason I separated myself from a lot of people a long time ago. I got tired of all the bullshit. It seems to never stop.


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One Response to Ranting like a Muthafu-

  1. Feminine and Feline says:

    Look at you standing up for yourself. What a boss.

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