Passing memories

I do not understand people. Why is it that once someone passes they suddenly care? Or even years after their passing, people claimed to have known this person, to have cared for this person, but they were never really around. You weren’t at the funeral. You never went to his grave. You didn’t cry at the sight of him laying in a casket. I remember the funeral and the visiting, but even though this will forever be upsetting, we have to move forward in life. Yeah, I used to date the guy, he was the second boy I ever kissed, he was vulgar and caring all in one. I won’t post about him on facebook for those to see that I knew him, for those to see that he meant something to me at one time. He was a good person overall, everyone has their bad points, but I do not cry over his passing, and I won’t talk about it. He is at peace, and I am at peace with him exiting our world. This world didn’t treat him right, he went through so much for someone at his age. Family problems that do not need describing. I know he felt alone, but people can only do so much to try to make someone feel that they are loved. He still didn’t feel the love at the end of the day. They say those who act like nothing matters and that life is a joke to be laughed at are the saddest of them all. Well, they were right… He ended his life, he is in a better place than here. It sucks that he is gone, especially at the young age he was at, but there is nothing anyone can do now for him. I just can’t stand those who rarely knew him, to post about him, to say they miss him when they wouldn’t give him a second glance. You gave me a wonderful summer, and I will miss you in those moments when I think back at you. Especially the time you rolled down a hill, got sticker burrs all over you and you had me help you take them out. When we spent time at Chisholm trail, you made me ride a ferris wheel for the first time and held my hand while I freaked out because I hated heights. You are always remembered and you are forever loved. Rest in peace Lenny.


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