I must be stressin’

I must be stressin’ if I have been dreaming about school/finals and work.
Lovely finals are within the next few weeks. I have been writing forums and responding to articles for Philosophy and trying to keep up with all the last minute work that my professors are dishing out left and right. Since, there is no way that all my professors would give out a bunch of work right before finals, they would never. Never, my ass. My Spanish professors seems to enjoy making her students drown in more spanish homework in a week than I had ever seen in my high school career back from 2009-2011 when I took three damn years of useless spanish. Now I am over my head in spanish homework and a project she suddenly thought that we should do. Sociology wants an extra credit paper, yes I said wants an 2-3 page, greatly detailed extra credit paper, I did not know extra credit was mandatory, but hey….might as well, extra points yo. I need to start it soon, it is due next Wednesday. I am astonished that I am passing Philosophy when I do not even know what is going on. Seriously. I rarely go to the actual class and while I am here- I am writing this blog, right freaking now. I do not pay attention. I go to lab and I think that is the only time I even take notes.

College: where I can make a 92 in a class that I do not pay attention in and have no actual clue of what is going on. I am loving it.

I am just exciting because I have one more test in Philosophy on Dec. 4th and I am done with it, until I have to take the writing intensive Philosophy course…my bitching will never stop then. The during the actual finals week, I have three finals. One on that Monday and two on Tuesday which I am fine with, I rather have it at the beginning of hell week than the end. The rest of the week should give me a good amount of hours at work.

Speaking of work, I need to start looking for another job. My boss is starting to work my nerves and let me tell you… with the work that I am doing, the extra time I take to complete tasks that no one else does, etc… I should be working more hours and getting better pay, but work study is limited. I am going to have to quit work study next school year (Fall 2015), and get a real job. I need more hours and definitely need more better pay.

15 hours/a week (if I can even get that) + $7.50/hr ….in which I get paid bi-weekly = $225, a paycheck.
I get paid twice a month. Minimal living as a college student.
$225 – $45 (phone bill) – groceries…prices may vary – any type of entertainment = my life sucks yo.


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