holidays are trouble

Why does it seem like holidays bring out all the family drama? The only time my family really comes together, which is around the holidays, is the most dramatic time of them all. I have never dealt with such insane people, which scares me entirely that I am going to end up just as crazy. I am hoping my lack of attendance around the holidays will help me avoid the crazy poison that they slip into one another’s drinks. My sister was greatly upset when I told her I wasn’t going to be spending the holidays with her and my Memaw. These women have had me for every holiday for most of the years of my life….. I am twenty, let me decide what I want to do for a holiday for once. I hope I can keep getting away with avoiding holidays with him for a while, just slip through the cracks without being noticed. I think it can be done. I just want to hear the hysterics from my Memaw when I tell her that I am going to spend Christmas with Adam and his family, regardless of her “understanding” my absence for this Thanksgiving.


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  1. Family obligations suck! haha

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