words of advice

These are some messages I have sent to a friend, who is now also in an long distance relationship with a guy in the military, when she decided to come to me for advice/some kind words/etc. Just felt like sharing.

  • Well let me tell you, yes Adam and I are happy and we have a good relationship but we have plenty of days where I’m crying or I’ve pissed him off, or I’ve considered killing him at least five times in one hour.
  • If you cry, it is totally okay. If you cry A LOT, it is okay. There are times where I cry like every day.
  • Life is interesting how it works out. Adam and I didn’t date but we practically acted like it forever ago (when we were in school) then here we are dating. I tell him he tricked me into it but I’m happy. It’ll almost be a year and even with some of the crap that has happened, I’m still happy. Just never forget that if he is worth it, you’ll go through somethings that might upset you, but it will be worth it in the end.
  • There are times where I feel so upset, defeated, and just want to give up but he makes me smile and happy and that’s what you have to remember.
  • He is going to eventually have those work days that just sucks and he will be in a piss-poor mood but you still gotta love him lol.
  • And it is okay to miss him till it hurts, he will make up for it when he can.

    Nothing is ideal, no relationship nor person. I get disappointed often, I put too much hope into one person, but I can’t help it. I love him. It is ridiculous of what someone will go through when they love someone, but that should never be taken for granted. No matter the situation. Once that person no longer appreciates you, that is when your world will stop spinning, or so it will seem. Never get to that point, and if you do, leave. Sometimes it is better to leave than to continue hurting yourself and letting someone hurt you. I know, that if it comes to my heart or his, I will still have to choose mine. I hope that Adam will never hurt me, I hope he will always be faithful, I hope that we can always work out any problems we have. I hope, I hope, I hope. I know there will be disappointments but I have accepted that. All I ask for is loyalty/faithfulness, love, and happiness. If those requirements are always met, that I will always be with him. I won’t give up if he doesn’t, that’s our rule. It seems like the best one that we’ve come up with yet.


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