I want a break already

I know my boyfriend loves me when he lets me rant/bitch about the weirdest things. Aka, girl problems. I was sitting in my philosophy class and I was taking my hair tie out. I yanked out a piece of hair by accident and was questioning what the fuck, my hair isn’t black. Then again, my hair has always been the weirdest combination of colors. I think I have it all except blonde, which somehow does appear but only with the help of bleach.

Finals are mocking me. My spanish class is the one class I did not worry about and now I am practically panicking over it. I will be fine in Philosophy which I am not even trying in. Microeconomics is iffy as fuck. Sociology will over all be fine I hope. I hate this semester, I just need it to hurry up and end already.

I want winter break and I want my boyfriend to come home. I can’t stand this life I am living right now.


About maybemiranda

21. Wife. Student.
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