finals week motivation

It is good to have people in your life that will build you up when you need it. Even if there were times that they were the one person that would tear you down the most. I do not know about people changing, I do not really believe anyone can ever change. I have not had someone give me a pep-talk, or at least one that actually made me feel good before a test, but today that changed. I like how my friend Zach was asking me before my last final,

What’s your mindset about about this test?
Me: I know the material, but I’m worried because when it is put in scenarios, they get difficult to tell apart. It isn’t just definition based. I think I will do okay.
Whatever it is, get rid of it and adopt this one. “I’m gonna fuck this test up and make it my bitch. I’ma pass this exam and flick everyone off when I leave.”
Me: XD lmao, I do not know about flicking people off. 
^-^ I have high hopes for you. You know the material, like you said, so I’m sure you’ll be able to get it done without too much trouble. Just focus. Shut up and do it -.-

Then right before the test he sent me this:
The face of the Exam itself when you pass

Day has been made and I am pretty sure I passedd ^-^


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