pjs, all day, thursday

Just when I feel like I am losing weight, people gotta be giving me my arch nemesis, my weakness… chocolate. So now excuse me everyone while I eat all the chocolate my boss gave me as a Christmas present. On nom nom.

Monday and Tuesday were my last days of finals for this semester. I am now a free birdie, minus working till Friday. I have been looking to see if my grades have been posted, non-freaking-stop. I passed my philosophy course with an A, which makes life worth it. Now I am waiting for the final grades on spanish, microeconomics, and sociology. I will either get an B or C in these classes. Literally all these grades are make me or break me, my “make me or break me” mindset is completely different than others. I know I will not be failing any of these courses, thank almighty Jesus. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow, for the first time in a long time, I do not have to worry about turning in a paper, doing any types of school work, or going into actual work. I can do whatever the fuck I want tomorrow. I plan on staying in my pajamas and not giving a fuck about anything. After Friday, my life will be like that for the most part until January 12th, the day I plan on going back to work.

Ah, not again, someone’s car alarm is going off at the parking garage next to my work…. let’s see how long this lasts. 

In thirteen days Adam will be home *happily bounces*, even though it will only be for three damn days.
I hate the Marine Corps. Y’know, I would totally enjoy seeing my boyfriend and spending some quality time with him, but the gov’t is a dick and likes keeping Adam for themselves. Makes no damn sense, but hey, go ahead.

It has been five minutes and the damn car alarm is still going off. Pretty sure no one is trying to steal your shit anymore after the first minute. Turn the fuck offfffff. 

I like my work and all but when there are no students coming in and out of the office during finals week, I see a lack of a point of being here. I could tear down all the Christmas decorations – yes, or I could even reorganize everything in the office, but I would rather not do either of those things.

Ah, silence, after seven minutes of hearing the beautiful music of a car alarm…. -.-‘ 

Back to work, got a meeting to attend. Woooo! Partay.


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2 Responses to pjs, all day, thursday

  1. Preaching to the Choir sister! I’m trying to diet too but I see all this goodness and comfort to eat…the struggle.

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