I went to a new movie theater out by where my grandparents live and it was pretty damn awesome. I, of course, went by myself since my friends suck. There is nothing wrong with going to movies by yourself. I can fucking freak out or cry and not even feel embarrassed because no one important is there to judge me. I saw the movie Fury, and I gotta say, it was pretty damn good and sad. I like war movies. Well, I love them and I hate them at this point in life. Since my stupid boyfriend is a Marine, I am just hoping his sorry butt never goes to war. I will fucking hate the movies for most of my life if he does go into combat.

Tomorrow I go back to my apartment to pack, clean and then go off to my mother’s house till Thursday. Hopefully it will be more fun that it sounds. We have to go Christmas shopping for my nieces and then get one of them a birthday present since her birthday is four days before Christmas -.-‘ how convenient for my wallet, sarcasm, but I still love her anyways 🙂

I think I am starting to get a sinus headache…. :/ 

On another note, I have realized today I am not the girl to propose to in front of friends and family. I was re-watching a video about Us The Duo, and how he proposed to his lady. Well, as it was beautiful, I realized that isn’t for me. There always seems to be someone around when anything personal happens to me. Something that makes me sad, happy, mad… it never fails. For once I want something of my own. I envy my sister and how Joey proposed to her away from everyone she actually knew. I doubt that will happen that way for me. As much as it is a blessing to have those around you for something that special, for me, it just isn’t as fulfilling when I think about it. It takes away from just those two people. You have to hug everyone else and love everyone else when I would just want to be wrapped up in the person I love. And in a way, how embarrassing… what if someone didn’t agree or think well about me being proposed to, and had this horrid look on their face? Don’t say that doesn’t happen. Sometimes people’s thoughts come out through facial expressions. I know when my cousin proposed to his now-wife, no one exactly was happy about it, the tension and fake smiles could have killed someone in that room.

Also, I have been with my grandparents for the past few days and learned a term that I was not aware of:
Coonass: someone of Cajun ethnicity — a Louisianan. 


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