Anndddd…. he is gone once again.

Two weeks (Dec. 20th – Jan. 3rd) with Adam will never be enough but only three more years till he is out of the Corps. He arrived on December 20th and turned me from girlfriend status to a fiancee on December 24th, Christmas Eve ♥.

This guy, I cannot begin to explain how he makes me feel, and I wouldn’t dare start to because I do not need anyone else falling in love with what is mine ♥. Next time I will see him will hopefully be sometime in May before he disappears off of the radar for a bit. I am not exactly sure what all will happen after May for him, and if I will be able to talk to him at all, but we will see. I hate this distance though, just thinking about how far away he is again gives me a headache….or it is from all the crying….. meh, I will just go with both.

I did manage to wait till he was boarded onto the plane before I cried. I texted him and I cried when he started texting back, I stopped, held in the tears, cried in the car a bit, stopped, got to my apartment and fucking broke. I am staying at my apartment alone tonight, I hate it. My bed looks and feels so empty. Tomorrow, I will be going to my sister’s and then I will be babysitting on Monday. Guess I have to start getting back to the real world already.

I hate that he had to go, that he just couldn’t stay with me, but I have to suck it up, hold in the tears, and realize that he will be out in three years. Those three years better hurry the hell up.

No wedding date — three to four years from now is the best idea we have at the moment. Other than that, everyone is shit out of luck if they were wanting to attend a wedding anytime soon.

Comfort food is calling me so I am pretty sure I am going to go stuff my face with the rest of the Oreos that Adam and I bought and lay on the couch and watch Netflix.


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