Lemme talk about the airport. Airports for some odd reason make me nervous. Most likely because I have never been on a plane so being at the place that you’re suppose to get on planes kinda freaks me out, airports have all these freaking weird scary security things you have to go through, and strangers ask me questions that catch me off guard. All that fun jazz.

Yes, I said it. Miranda, age twenty, has never been on a airplane. I have been to the airport about six times now, but no, not once has it been for my departure.

One of the security guys threw me off when I handed him my guest boarding pass ticket before I could go through the scary security devices. He asked me how old I was and I hesitated, more because I was wondering why he needed to know when no one else asked the last time I came through these lines. I finally told him that I was twenty, he gave me this look and asked me for my I.D.
Well then, either I do not look twenty or he thinks from my hesitation that I was lying.
Not cool dude, airports just make me all spazzy is all, it’s not my fault.
I know it is probably procedure to ask, but I ain’t about it.

I just do not know what I will do when I actually get on a plane for the first time. I am the type of person so psych myself out and I just hope I do not have a panic attack or something. I will just keep my fingers cross and hope that I am not alone on my first flight whenever that might be.


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