Partner let me update you

I know I am not Beyonce, I won’t be upgrading anyone besides Adam, but I will update you.

Adam was back in Hawaii until yesterday, now he is in California for training. Well isn’t that the damnedest thing. It is torture knowing he so much closer than usual and I cannot even see him. Yes, I know I just saw him around Christmas time and the distance between California and Texas is not that close, but fuck you, I want to see him all the time like other regular couples do. But that is not possible because *reminder: I am in an long distance, military relationship. Him and I are not married, therefore, fuck us. We don’t get to see each other.

Yesterday marked a year for Adam being in the Marines. Three more years left! Yahoo! Ugh…..three more years. Hopefully I will see him more often in those three years, but who knows….cause I sure don’t. All I know is that in about five or so months, deployment will be happening. Oh joy. Well, sorta deployment….Well y’know what? He won’t be in the states dammit….so whatever you call that, that is what it will be.
I found the word: torture. It will be fucking torture. More time of barely talking to him and definitely not seeing him for another “good” amount of time.

I am sorry to inform everyone who may or may not read my blog, I am not a dainty “milso”/fiance/girl/person/human being. I curse, a lot. I like to voice my opinion and I do not hold my tongue, even when I know I should. So there is that disclaimer. I might be a southern girl, but I am not a southern belle. I don’t bat my eyelashes and wear dresses to impress my man. Luckily, he loves me in jeans and whatever t-shirt I wear.


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