Tired of the so-called.

On Saturday morning I participated in the Tutus and Tennies 5k for my nieces’ dance studio. My brother in law, my youngest niece, and I completed the 3.1miles in 43 minutes which is pretty damn good in my mind for a 20 year old who hasn’t ran in 5 months, and 7 year old tiny girl, and a 36 year old man.


Above are some the pictures before the 5k, and without the tutus. My sister took other pictures but her phone managed to say haha, fuck y’all and they show as a broken file on her phone.

Man, I’m tired. It’s only Tuesday. I didn’t even want to get up this morning. Coffee will be my friend after this class.

But besides that I’ve been tired about a lot of things recently. Especially tired of people. Now I don’t know if it’s really them or if it’s just me, but if it’s just me-I’ll never admit it (unless it’s to myself).

I seriously don’t think I’ll be inviting people to go with me to get my tattoo. It’s a lot of work. I don’t exactly know how long it’s going to take (most likely four hours) but I want to do something big like this either by myself or with like, one person. Of my picking. Not theirs. But I don’t even think I want someone there though. Staring at me. Judging. Waiting for a pain face or tears to start. I don’t need or want that. Especially with something so damn big that I want to put on me. I don’t know many people with a tattoo as big as I want mine. So fuck ’em, I’d rather go alone for something like this.


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