Allergies are the devil.

I have a bad relationship with allergies and so I have decided that we should break up.
Also that they should leave and never come back.

A very pink faced, unhappy, sinus headache, sneezy girl.


Excuse me, but today was suppose to be a good day. Lacking sneezing, stuffy noses, and kleenexs out the wazoo.
I feel like muthafuckin’ Rudolph right now, but not the whole, I’m happy and lead the sleigh! It is the no one likes me because I have a red nose feeling, but mainly because I don’t like me when I am like this. It is dreadful and very unattractive, which I already thought I was a pro at being before the red nose.

I am definitely not prepared for my Macroeconomics test tomorrow and feeling this way is so not helping.


About maybemiranda

21. Wife. Student.
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