The cold hard truth of stalking

I do not know how many times I have seen the infamous hashtag follow4follow among other ridiculous hashtags.

Why does social media give us this want for stalkers?
On any site I have seen so far, I can “follow” someone, or “like” a certain page which therefore now makes me contracted for life to viewing their stuff every time I am on such site. Whether it is here on wordpress, facebook, twitter, or instagram.

I can stalk. You can stalk. Your mother can stalk. I know my mother stalks. Others can stalk too.
And the thing is… We are all stalkers.

My real question is why do we have this need for “followers”? For a number of people to see our stuff? Most don’t care, or they pretend to care because they are nosey. I admit, I am a stalker too, like everyone else. I have friends on facebook who I don’t even consider friends anymore or ever, but I keep them. Why? Because I am nosey. I want to know what is going on in people’s lives, but I don’t want to be an official part of it. I am busy, I have my own life to take care of. I would rather creep and look at the things you post than actually spend time talking to you about your life. Especially because small talk only can go so far, and I don’t like having conversations with people, because those become short ended eventually too.

We are all stalkers, that is what I have decided.

I miss the days where all my business was not on the internet. Worst part is, I’m the one putting it there.
I think this world might be better if we were more limited on our social networking. If we didn’t post every little thing on facebook, etc. My new goal is to limit myself and what I post on social media (minus what I put here, of course). I’m not that bad when it comes to posting things, but isn’t that what everyone says?


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