I stopped that crying myself to sleep business a while ago. Well, like a bad habit, and I guess it is one technically, I’m right back at it.

My friend was trying to be sincere with me, stating that military relationships are hard when the person is overseas. No, it’s hard all the time, more so when they are not even in the same state. I was told not to forget about Adam and not to worry about him. Well then. Sorry but I’m a worrywart. About everything. Especially Adam.

I just hate this. He’s gone. Better yet (sarcasm), I barely get to talk to him. God forbid he loses signal for the rest of the day during an argument. And I just feel fucking horrible the rest of said day. I swear right now, I could be awarded the worst fiancée award and I would feel like I fucking deserve it.

I just need to talk to him so bad.. But until then, I’ll be here, crying until my waterworks hit a drought.

A girl who can’t fix everything or be perfect…and hates it.


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One Response to Waterworks.

  1. aml181 says:

    Okay, so I know you don’t wanna hear this, but chill. He knows you love him, even if you argue, and you know you love him. You’d only be the “worst” fiance if you didn’t care.

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