Military relationships are romanticized but they should not be.
Now I am going to go a little off track but I will get back to my point in a second.
I loved Adam’s sorry butt way before he enlisted to be in the Marine Corps. I liked him when we were in high school and so, it’s not like I saw him in his uniform and decide “Ohhhhh I want”.

People think military relationships are suppose to be some great, different thing from regular relationships. Oh buddy, you’re wrong. It is just the opposite. I would not wish a long distance, military relationship on anyone. If he is stationed anywhere that you aren’t and cannot be, it suuuuuuuucks AND it is not like he can decide when he can come home or visit, he can ask, but it is not guaranteed that he will be able to come home. He has to get approval, and if someone fucks up during that time period, anyone could be punished, including him, and he could be denied leave. I will admit, a long distance relationship is hard, but when you top it off with your significant other being in the military, you’re fucked and oh man, if he gets deployed. Even more distance, even more of a lack of communication.

I haven’t experienced my man going to deployment just yet but he leaves before this summer. I have no idea what I am going to do when I cannot talk to him. He is my rock. He makes me okay and calm when everything is fucked up. I am going to take this summer to work, read books, work out and hopefully try to find time to enjoy myself. I want to make friends out in Dallas but I doubt it will happen because I will interning at an office that has people who are mainly in their late twenties and up. No one wants to hang out with someone who cannot even participate in happy hour. If we were talking about Sonic’s happy hour it would be different, but I do not turn twenty-one until late August.

People romanticize military relationships when in reality, there is nothing romantic about it. I do not enjoy being forcefully separated from my other half for several months. There is nothing romantic about lonely days, nights, weekends, and missed holidays. There is definitely nothing romantic about saying goodbye, walking away until next time, and crying until you finally can’t cry anymore. I do not put up with the hardship because I love “being in a military relationship”, I put up with the hardship because I love and support Adam. I am forever proud of him for making his choice to join. I may dislike him sometimes because of it, but I love him no matter what.

Romance is just romance, whenever we put the effort. Love isn’t an easy thing, but it is definitely worth it.


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3 Responses to Romance.

  1. I just recently got out of a relationship with a military pilot… it. was. the. fucking. worst.

    Not the relationship- I was blissfully in love and incredibly happy, but the distance eventually broke us. I’m so happy that you’ve strong enough to make it work because it was slowly killing me.

    Been doing a lot of writing about the breakup and our relationship in general, which is another great distraction for when you want to talk to him but can’t.

    Good luck, lady 🙂

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