Damn you Berkeley.


I need to get out of this town. I need to get out of Texas. My thoughts from philosophy class are creeping into my mind and they are driving me crazy.

George Berkeley is being a real pain in my ass right now with his immaterialism. He believed that only what is perceived by the mind exists.
So since I have only visited California, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Florida, and Arizona — this means that only these states exist. Other states do not because I have not seen these states in person, but because I am thinking about them, they exist to a certain extent. Only the cities that I have visited in these states exist, none other.

I have been thinking like this since that damn philosophy class last semester.

I am so tired of being in one place. I am restless. I have lived in this area of Texas for twenty, going on twenty one years. I have never officially moved out of my mother’s house. I live on campus during the school year and in the summer, the living situation is always questionable, but I know I can go to my mother’s and stay if need be. I have never wanted to be out of Texas so much in my life, but it is mainly because I have been so stationary and it is draining me. I just want to go live with Adam already.


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