The plans

Ah, the dreaded Monday. For those who just got back from Spring Break like myself, well I feel your pain. I did not want to go back to working and taking classes on campus. For those who worked all week regardless of others being off, well I am sorry and do not know your pain just yet. I was able to register for my Fall 2015 classes this morning and luckily, I got every class I wanted. Sadly, I have to wait till next fall to take these classes. The only one I am actually looking forward to is beginners weight lifting. I could live without the other classes. I just want to hurry up and graduate. I wish instead of applying for this internship, again, that I would have signed up for summer classes….. It is too late for that though so I shall continue with believing I will be hired at my Aunt’s company for the summer and try to take classes next summer since my plan of marrying Adam sooner has not been going my way at all.

The plan: Check out this website my school offers that says “study anywhere”. Cross fingers that it is a legit thing, then get into program, move to Hawaii, marry Adam, take classes online.
Website lied. The program is only for students with a particular major. I do not have said particular major, so the program does not apply and I cannot get on the next plane to Hawaii and marry Adam. Well damn. 

Next option: Quit school, marry Adam when he is here for leave, move to Hawaii, start paying off stupid loans from school, try to get into a college in Hawaii……. I am not sure how I feel about this plan because I am scared that once I stop school, I won’t go back for multiple different reasons.

Last option: Wait till I am completely done with school, marry Adam.
Then either: move to Hawaii or get us a place here in Texas and have it ready for when Adam is out of the Corps.

I wanted the first plan, but of course nothing works how I want it to.

Next big step, is trying to make my family and friends understand that I am going to marry Adam when I want to and when him and I are capable of doing so. Whether it be sooner or later. I want them to accept it. Not be negative and say things that I don’t want to hear. They aren’t going to change my mind. It is not fair for them to tell me their opinions about it when they are not in my shoes, they don’t have to go through what Adam and I are going through. The only person who understands is my Grandma Hill because she married my grandfather before he was drafted into the Army. The downside is, those grandparents still wanted me to get through with college before I get married. So I don’t know if they will support my decision to get married before that (if that is the route that Adam and I take).

Also, I know Adam and I haven’t lived together except for the times he has stayed with me at my apartment. I know it hasn’t been an around year thing. I don’t care. We haven’t lived together, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. People need to get over that and deal with it. I have complete faith in Adam and my relationships, others should too.


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