seasons change, so can people.

I am trying this new thing where I try to be more optimistic and positive about life and myself. I am a hardcore realist on the edge of becoming a pessimist because I believe that anytime something is going good in my life that something horrible is going to follow it. I am tired of the negative thoughts I had been harboring away for so long. I know it is a lot to do with how my family can be and how they talk about everything (with a negative outlook on everything). I don’t want to be that person. I have always had a low self-esteem and for once I am pretty confident in myself with how I look. I am not perfect, I probably won’t ever be a size three again, but that’s fine. Life isn’t always going to go my way and I cannot think that it is going to. I just need to be happy with what I have and with who I am. I have a great relationship – yes, it has its faults, that’s typical. I am in college trying to get a degree in Business. I have family, even though we are not close, they are there. Life could be a lot worse. Spring brings out the better in me, as does summer. I just need to remember these thoughts when it turns back to winter eventually.


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2 Responses to seasons change, so can people.

  1. Ugh, yes, I’m totally the same way- realistic to the point of pessimistic. I wasn’t always this way. They say that every cynic was once an optimist that was let down one too many times…

    (And yes, the seasonal thing is totally real. When it’s sunny outside I might as well be a totally different person.)

    Keep on keeping on. (P.S. I’ve been reading several of your posts, and I’m enjoying your blog!)

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