9 Wonderful Things That Happen When You’re Unapologetically Yourself

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Flickr / Luigi TorreggianiFlickr / Luigi Torreggiani

Forget “should be’s” and stereotypes. Make like Bruno Mars and kiss yourself, you ARE so pretty.

1. The world becomes a little lighter.

You see the universe the way you see yourself. Would you rather be the magnifying glass looking down at the concrete or the telescope looking up to the ~stars~?

2. Energy abounds.

Ditch the commercial for the pill that will make you run faster, cure two diseases, and never sleep because of your newfound energy level (!!!). Not being you is exhausting – constantly thinking and acting for someone else. Being you is like a natural shot of caffeine. So, you can skip the nap. On second thought, naps are life giving. Never skip them.

3. Without explanation, you can belt out “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff.

And other songs you’ve secretly liked, too. No apologies, just harmonies. Cue Laguna Beach.

4. You…

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