serious business

Yesterday: “I’m tempted to just marry Adam now, move to Hawaii, and go to school there instead. I just want to be with him already, I’m tired of this distance, and feeling so damn stuck here.”

Today: It is somewhat decided.
We are getting married before I finish school.
Waiting till he gets back from deployment.
Maybe just a quickish, December wedding.

Only thing is, I would like to wait to move to Hawaii till I finish that year of school (which would be in May) because it would be a lot easier school wise. Also, I don’t want my grandparents spending money helping me next school year, just for me to take off and them not get their moneys worth of my education. I think it would piss them off (mainly, my grandfather).

I could withdraw from college before the Spring semester starts, I just have to look up all the information, AND I will have to move out of my apartment before I do that also.


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