8 Things You Should Know Before You Break Up With Me

Hmm. *nods head in approval* this shall be me lol

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Taylor Swift could dedicate an entire album to my love life. 

I’ve dated some really great guys and some serious douchebags. I’ve been in relationships that lasted anywhere from four months to four years. 

Every relationship is different, but there’s one rule that I apply to everything in life:

Don’t half ass it.
When I’m single, I’m really single. And when I’m dating someone you better believe I’m giving that person my all. 

When you’re an all or nothing person you either win big or you lose big, but I’d rather have exactly what I want or nothing at all than be half-satisfied with anything in life. 

It’s a dangerous game to play when it comes to love, though. Every ounce of effort, hope and passion that you pour into a relationship can spill at a moment’s notice. Once you’ve tipped that cup there’s no getting back…

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