Coming from a small town, you have the thought process that the people you surrounded yourself with for 12+ years would be your friends forever. Every year, on the last day of school, you signed shirts-shoes-yearbooks whatever “it” was that they needed you to sign and state: “H.A.G.S” (have a great summer), “Don’t ever change”, “You’re my best friend,” etc etc etc.

Oh the lies after lies after lies.

You never realized that it was the dungeons of elementary, middle, and high school were what kept your close knit friends together.

Exchanging numbers and addresses stopped mattering.

Adding people on social media is now how we show we care, so I can keep up with you, without really having to try. When you sit down and think about it, it is dreadful, but we don’t change what we are doing. We keep on being on facebook or texting, never calling or really hanging out.

Overall, I have four friends from high school, that I actually consider friends.

Adam: my soon to be husband, that’s a given.
Nikki: practically my sister.


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2 Responses to Two

  1. That’s sort of the beauty of it. I think it’s good to think of people in terms of movement. As in, old ones flow out, new ones come in. There’s something really beautiful about not clinging to things. Just having a looseness in life. Although having long-term friends can be quite rewarding as well! But hey girl, have a good summer 😉

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