Five months more. 

Technically five months and two weeks more of Adam’s deployment then I will finally be living with my husband. I cannot wait. I miss him like the dickens. Yes, I just used that phrase. 

I’ve been out of school and jobless since May 13th. Living at my mom’s house until I go back to San Marcos on August 15th or 16th. It’s not as much San Marvelous to me anymore when I am yearning to be elsewhere. I can’t wait to go back though; to a busy life of doing things (school, work, spending time with the roommate). 

Trying to plan things to keep my summer filled mainly includes a lot of sleep, going to my best friend/”sister’s” house on the weekend. 


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21. Wife. Student.
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One Response to Five months more. 

  1. Enjoy the break girl! soon enough you will be with your hubby and having to deal with all the crazuness that come with marriage. Congrats on the wedding you guys seem sooo happy!

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