I swear I feel like such an outcast. Can’t just jump in and be friends with people. Not good at this type of thing. Hate feeling left out. Hate not knowing inside jokes. Hate not knowing anything. Hate that some wife and husband have spent more time with my damn husband than I have. It hurts. Just makes me down right sad. I’m so out of this group. Not like I’m going to be able to jump into this friendship. It’s already made and knit tight. Why bother? I’ll just sit here and continue to be the most quiet I’ve ever been around people. Surrounded and yet alone because I have no one to talk to about how I feel. I wish I could just be in a house with my husband, our house. But he’d probably miss being here instead of being happy with just him and me. I don’t feel good enough. I just want to cry. 


About maybemiranda

21. Wife. Student.
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